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The Toffee Shop: Our Timeline


Whether experiencing for the first time or re-visiting a childhood memory, everybody remembers their first encounter with The Toffee Shop. We thought it best to cover some of our best memories.

The Beginning

Our story began in 1910 when Mrs. Furnass decided to open a small confectionary store just two doors up the lane from where her husband, William Furnass, ran a butcher’s shop at the foot King Street, Penrith.

Her shop was full of antiques, brass and copper, it was a treat. Mrs Frunass quickly built up a substantial trade, as well as dispatching many boxes of toffee to addresses in this country and overseas.

Fudge Fit for Royalty

Mrs Furnass had a number of distinguished patrons, and it was a source of especial pride and pleasure to her that among them was His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent, who would call on her personally when motoring through Penrith and would have packages of his favourite Toffee sent to him, when serving in Germany. The Duke was the first of many royals to take a liking to the sweet treats The Toffee Shop offers.

The Royal mirth marked a visit to Penrith in 1991, centered on the presentation to Queen Elizabeth II of a 2lb box of Fudge & Toffee from The Toffee Shop, which was said to be quite partial to her trip to the Eden District.

A New Home

It was in 1956 when The Toffee Shop made the small jump from King street to our current home at the bottom of Brunswick road, where we have now been based for over 60 of years.

If you have ever paid a visit to our current store, you will immediately recognise the ring of the fabled doorbell, swiftly followed by the smell of molten fudge and toffee coming from the eight brass pans in the kitchen. To the right you find a dresser displaying some of the packaging for the different stores The Toffee Shop supplies alongside an array of blue china, in memory of the Mrs Furnass who loved to collect it.

Try a taster on display and watch the staff weigh out your order, whilst preparing the box behind the scenes, succumb to the inevitable temptation of one more small cube of fudge before leaving the store with a great sense of satisfaction.

A New Life

Following on from Mrs Furnass, The Toffee Shop was managed by the Fearons before being passed onto the current owner Neil Boustead.

Neil still follows the same secret recipe that was discovered by Mrs Furnass over 100 years ago, refusing to give any clues as to how he achieves that perfect density and flavour and how he maintains these intense levels of security.

A Royal Re-opening

March 12th 2003 was a historic day for The Toffee Shop. It was at lunchtime when H.R.H Prince Charles arrived in Penrith to make a much awaited visit to the store, unveiling a large wooden spoon to commemorate his visit and re-open the store after it’s refurbishment.

During his visiting, H.R.H was enthusiastic to stir the brass pans, showing particular interest in both the ingredients and the hand packing process of each box.