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A brief history of the Toffee Shop

Junction 40 on the M6 is an unusual place to find a shrine but this is where thousands of pilgrims leave the motorway to travel the few miles to Penrith.

Fudge addicts flock here from all over the world because, until recently, this was the only place to buy it. It's on the left hand side at the bottom of the hill as you come into Penrith. If you find yourself lost it really doesn't matter - Penrith is not large and absolutely everyone knows where the Toffee Shop is.The Toffee Shop was originally opened by the Furnass family just after the First World War and has worked through three families, eventually being owned by Neil and Pat Boustead.

Once inside the shop, you can't miss the rich sweet aroma of melting butter and boiling sugar from the toffee shop kitchen.

The same recipe has been used for over 90 years and has never been changed, why should it be when it's so good?

To get a map of our location, go to the stockists page and type Penrith in the 'town' search box.

The keys to any good products are the right ingredients, the right recipe and the right techniques - the Bousteads do not deviate from any of these precepts.

Fudge is made from butter, sugar and milk to a simple recipe and in small batches, so that it cooks evenly and thoroughly. There are always plenty of people to fuss over the 8 brass pans - stirring it when it needs stirring, and checking that it never boils over or catches in the pan. Once cooked, the fudge is poured into cooling trays and then cut by hand into slabs.We should not forget the toffee -made with sugar, butter, syrup or black treacle - it also packs a powerful punch. It is also made by hand and once cooled in trays is broken up with a hammer and the irregularly shaped pieces individually wrapped.

There are hundreds of fudge shops in Britain so what makes this one so different? - It's difficult to describe the sensation of eating the fudge - it's a rich grainy textured fudge like tablet (Scottish fudge) but smoother and not as sweet, so you can eat masses without feeling sick. Lord Lichfield has been quoted as calling it " the best fudge in the world" and endorses this by having regular orders sent.

The Toffee Shop - hand made fudge   The Toffee Shop - hand made toffee


What people think of our products!


"Its difficult to describe the sensation of eating the fudge .... It's absolutely amazing."
In Britain


"Would you believe that there is a fudge so good that strong men weep if deprived of it and otherwise scrupulous people creep through darkened room at dead of night to steal another morsel!?"
Harpers & Queen


"Lord Lichfield was enthusiastic - 'its simply the best."
The Magazine


"The best fudge in England", according to Jancis Robinson, and "easily the best in the world" (Lord Lichfield).
People in the know arrange mail order. Courvoisiers book of the best
Edited by Lord Lichfield